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VIII First Cider of the Year

From the 13th to 16th of April will take place in the Museum of the Asturian Village of Xixón the 8th edition of this event that start the cider season. It gives the chance to taste new cider from more than 70 Asturian cider mills for only 5 € and has just been declared Event of Social Root by Xixón’s City Hall.




LA SIDRA.- It seems like it was a long time ago since the last edition but now once again the lovers of cider, folk music and dance, gastronomy and party will be able to join this event that opens the Asturian cider season. From 13th to 16th of April takes place the VIII First Cider of The Year. Location? The usual one, the unmatched Muséu del Pueblu d’Asturies in Xixón.

On Thursday 13th at one in the afternoon the First Cider of the Year will bgin with an opening speech dedicated to Constantino Ovín, Tino el de La Barraca, emblematic character of the Asturian cider world who recently passed away. There will also be the Asturian gastronomic confraternities and the opening cider glass by the Asturies 2016 Cider Pourer Champion Salvador Ondó. It will close at 22 hours.


On Friday and Thursday the gates will be opne from 12 midday to 10pm and will held the VIII Asturian Song and Cider, with the participation of the Traditional Music Schools Manolo Quirós and La Quintana, apart of the school Casa La Cultura de Colunga. Also there will be a welcome for the heroic participants of the Sidracrucis’17 during their cidery procession.

Finally on Sudnay it will be opened from 12 to 6 and will welcome the cyclists of “30 days cycling”, with free entrance for all people coming in bicycle. Also there will be the VI Homemade Cider Made in Wood Contest, the only one of its kind.

This year the official cider will be by Llagar Buznego –Arroes, Villaviciosa, declared the Best First Cider of the Year 2017, ina tight contest with 40 different cider mills participantig where Canal Cider got the second place and a third one both for Estrada and Cabueñes.

On the other hand we should highlight that there will be apple juice and alcohol free cider, so people under age or absemious can also participate.

There will be plenty of Asturian music with the performances of Noreña Bagpipe Band, also traditional sports, workshops, cider tastings and as every year, an especial place for kids since they will be able to learn how to smash apples and make cider. For them there will also be workshops of traditional sports like the frog, rope, bowling or key. This is so because the First Cider of the Year aims to maintain the family feature proper of traditional Asturian festivities.

The cost still is 5 € for all the cider you want to drink, participate in the cultural activities and tastte cider from more than 70 cider mills.

On the other hand the Museum of the Asturian Village has a wide parking lot around it, is perfectly linked with urban transport with the bus lines 1, 10, 15 and 20 to La Guía.

So again the First Cider of the Year -FCOY- will put together social initiatives, culture, tradition and gastronomy to open the Asturian cider season to enjoy the best and widest variety of ciders of Asturies, where the attendees are the true protagonists. This event is organized by the Asturies XXI Foundation and LA SIDRA Magazine and so far is the utmost Asturian cider culture experience.

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