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Cider and University

The University of Uviéu ingores Asturies and also cider, as they were told by the Asturian entrepreneurs of the sector.

LA SIDRA.- In the category of the “Creating Talent” days organized by the Asturian Federation of Entrepreneurs, Santiago Garcia rector of University of Uviéu, had to hear the criticisms about the role of that University in Asturian society. In his speech he assessed that this was the moment to “rethink” the degrees offered to orient them towards the needs of the productive sector of the country.

In that way Pablo García, president of the Asturian Federation, stated that “last year there was a professional certificate in Asturies about craft beer making but none about cider makinh”, thus confirming the denounce we ahve been making periodically from LA SIDRA.

At this point the lack of a degree and titulation in oenology in the Asturian University is currently unexplainable, not only because the productive sector does need those professionals but also due to the Spanish formation in oenology is totally linked to wine. This waym nor the apple orchard nor apples or cider have a minimum space in those degrees, so oenologists that reach the cider sector apply those knowledge about wine, leading to a “winification” of cider.

Moreover, and considering the necessary leadership in the international field, an oenologist formation around cider would mean a first class international reference, with deep social and economic repercussions for University of Uviéu, for the cider sector and thus, for our country.

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