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Asturian cider in the Interceltic Festival of An Oriant

The always presence of cider is among the international public in bottle format and in tap format.

In this Interceltic Festival, the Asturian tent has a format of cider that is struggling to appear in our country and that has been present in foreign countries. It was here in Breizh were due to its easy serving mode and the habit of people to this way, this tap system had its biggest success, which we know well around the beer world.

Among Asturian people it is each time more normal to ask for cider from the tap wherever they have it and this service method has grown in a sector that seemed limited to beer. People from Ireland, Brittany, Wales, Cornwall or any of the celtic nations participating here find themselves comfortable with this system they use to see in their own countries in everyday taverns.

As it could not be otherwise the traditional way of pouring cider does not get lost and it’s not odd to see an Asturian man teaching a foreigner how to pour it properly, a foreigner surely more comfortable with the tap cider but willingly anyway to know more of this very colorful culture of ours.

The cider world keeps going forward but not in one direction but in many at the same time. There is where the most important piece for success and internationalization lays upon. 

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