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Asturian cider culture reaches Japan

This year begun with the surpressive presence of a Japanese cider pourer in Xixón, specifically in Trabanco’s in Llavandera.

LA SIDRA.- This story begun like a year ago when a Japanes marrige in love of the Peninsula opened in Tokyo the Camino de Santiago restaurant.

During these days both both the owners and the manager and the cook, Yanagida Taisuke, are visiting Asturies to give to know a little less about our gastronomy and Asturian cider culture. For some months now they import Trabanco cider in Tokyo and now they came to know the facilities and the elaboration process.

The surprise was when after looking at the cider bar in Llavandera they asked to ask with the manager, Yolanda Trabanco, if the waiter could stay there some days to learn how to pour cider and cook fabada, cachopu, filled onions, and rice with milk… Yolanda agreed since she thought that “anything for promoting our gastronomy and our culture is good for Asturies”. So after all the waiter did great pouring ider “and it seems he has been doing that all his life!”, states Yolanda.

After next month, Asturian gastronomy will have more protagonism in this restaurant from Tokyo, that aims to be the Asturian reference in Japan. A funny story is that here nobody could learn his name and they call him “Taichan”.

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