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The cidertourism each time more present

The touristic value of Asturian cider is something that many cider mills knew how to support, offering experiences that include guided visits and Asturian “espiches”.

THE CIDER.-Some years ago many of the big Asturian cider mills with much streng in the cider market began to see a very different market around cider, its distribution and marketing, which didn’t have that much to do with the product itself but the context in which it is made.


Those were the first steps of cider tourism, an option each time stronger among many families or groups of friends who decide to know Asturies from within. And what better whay than to do it from a cider mill or an apple orchard. The touristic value of Asturian cider is growing and there are many the cider companies that join this offer. Castañón, Piñera, Cortina, Fran… those are only some of the cider mills among the many others ready for a complete visit through their facilities. Besides they have good offers also with the visit of the cider mill, the orchards and a typical Asturian “espicha” with snacks proper of our kitchen and cider to end the day.

In some cider mills they even offer DOP experiences to give to know first hand how cider under the DOP Cider of Asturies is made. Thus, the cider mills can see that this form of commerce gives a prestige towards their product and puts closer the visitor ti the cider and its essence, an exchange of interests perfetly translated alotgether into Asturian tourism.

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