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L’Allume Cider, Pegoyu award

L'Allume Cider Mill has got the Pegoyu award given by the Board for the Defense of Asturian Language. THE CIDER.- This prize, annually given by the BDAL / XDLA for 30 years as part of the Andrés Solar Awards, historical militant of the left wing Asturian nationalism and renowned author


I fear the Asturian government

About the artificial debate on Basque and Asturian cider set by the Asturian media and the regrettable statements about it of the Counciwoman of Rural Environment Mª Jesús Álvarez, there were many responses in the social networks, and here we present David Rivas' one because its clarity and irrefutability of his


The cidertourism each time more present

The touristic value of Asturian cider is something that many cider mills knew how to support, offering experiences that include guided visits and Asturian "espiches".   THE CIDER.-Some years ago many of the big Asturian cider mills with much streng in the cider market began to see a very different


Impressive SISGA’15

Before the Sommelier Day, the V SISGA exceeds the best expectatives. THE CIDER.- The elite of the glass cider of Europe, the most innovative cider mills and of best quality, the gastronomic excellence of El Duque Restaurant and the participation of hundreds of cider lovers are making this V SISGA


Success of the Asturian cider mills in the V SISGA

The SISGA'15 Awards settled among the most prestigious prizes internationally with a very important participation both regarding quality and a jury composed by 15 members of different countries. THE CIDER- An international jury composed by representatives of the participant cider mills and 3 peope designed by LA SIDRA was the


2nd Solidary Cider Pouring in Seville

The Asturian Center of Seville will celebrate its 2nd Solidary Cider Pouring during the VII Meeting of Regional Houses the days 9th to 12th of October. THE CIDER.-  The aim of the Asturian-Sevillian entity is to sell 1.000 cider bottles and raise 2.000 €, duplicating the amount of last year

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