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The Cider Library

Located in Nava, it offers cider from different parts of the world.

THE CIDER.- La Naveta Cider Bar opened during a Cider Festival setting differences in the heart of Nava’s village. Ana Emilia Ordóñez, the owner, has cider maker blood in her veins so she wanted to offer cider in her bar but in a different way. That is why she began offering DOP brut cider such as Prau Monga  and Emilio Martínez and ice cider by Vda de Angelón and Panizales. Step by step she extended the cider offer ading cider vermouth and serrving labels like Amestao and Roxmut (Castañón).

Long after she decided to cross borders and offer cider from the rest of Europe. Nowadays she offers two British ciders: Sheppy´s and Green Goblin and a German one: Gold Bio Cidre. But this doesn’t end here, we can also find pear cider by Viuda de Angelón, cider liquors like the one of Los Serranos and Casería San Juan del Obispo and several cocktails with cider as protagonist. There are also the winners of the Nava’s Cider Festival. On LA SIDRA’s next issue you will be able to read a full reportage about the Cider Library.

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