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The Best First Cider of the Year is already in the bars

Sidra Buznego started advertising its non blended cider as winner of Best First Cider of the Year  2017

LA SIDRA.- This weekend Buznego Cider Mill distributed to Asturian cider bars the barrel winner of the Best First Cider of the Year 2017 Contest, one of the main Asturian cider contest for its specificity -new, not blended cider- as for the number of participants -40 cider mills on last edition-.That males it one of the three most important ones of Asturies alongside with the one of Nava and Villaviciosa.

As a result of this success, Buznego’s new cider was the official cider for the First Cider of the Year ’17, but they wanted it to stabilyze before corking it and now sell it with a brand new label as BEST FIRST CIDER OF THE YEAR 2017 and a wide media impact. For instance, in he adverts figure a list of every cider mill offering that cider, apart of posters about this cider made just over the yeast.

The Best First Cider of the Year is the only award with the non blended cider as protagonist, and with an economic prize -1.000 € in cider-. This is why it was established as a contest of reference of our national beverage. Besides the awarded cider is the official one for the First Cider of the Year, Asturies’ biggest cider event, that starts the cider season in our country.

For eight years now LA SIDRA and the Asturies XXI Foundation have been working for the recovery of this kind of cider, almost gone since the industrialization of the cider mills and general blending. Ech time are more the cider mills that sell this kind of cider with a stable participation in this contest.

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