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The most cidery procession of the Asturian Holy Week is back here, announcing the cider lovers a mythical day where cider and party are the true protagonists.


THE CIDER.- The thirteenth edition of the Sidracrucis will be on next 25th of March in a day that will begin at 12 of the midday and will go on until 10 in the night. On it, the hard working members of the Sidracrucis will go in procession from cider bar to cider bar and from cider mill to cider mill, making clear their highness of devotion.

This year the Sidracrucis will have some more travel than usually, leaving Xixón until Llanes. After the Wild Bean Stew at the First Cider of the Year taking place at the Museum of the Asturian Village, the most cidery procession of the Holy Week will continue to Naves, where there will be the final espicha at Cabañón Cider Mill, one of the most authentic Asturian cider mills, a great luxury both for body and spirit.



On its way the Sidracrucis will stop at the cider bars El Restallu, Ramón, El Tendido, El Parque, La Serena, Nueva Ibérica, Fernando, Miravalles, Dakar… and some more surprises that we will release as the days come by.

For those who don’t know it yet, the Sidracrucis is something that can’t be explained with words, it’s an experience. Some that cider lovers can’t miss and that those not yet fond of this art, have to experiment to appreciate cider and every of its surroundings in the environment of good mood that will be the main feature.

For ten hours we will travel across cider bars and cider mills drinking cider, singing and eating properly with snacks in every cider bar, a wild bean stew for lunch and an espicha to finish. Snacks for the body and cider for the soul, a true cidery procession in which laughts, bagpipe music and some tunes and dancing even, will be the main feature.

The coaches will pick up people in Avilés, Uviéu and Xixón and will go along the procession during the travel, allowing us to have a relaxed day without frights nor stress.

As always we remind that the number of participants is necessarily limited and it’s compulsory to sign in soon. You can’t leave things for later and then have a Holy Week full of regret!

Further information:

T. 652 594 983

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