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Trabanco in NY with Angry Orchard

The Asturian cider culture crosses the Atlantic in the hands of Samuel Trabanco to celebrate a unique event with cider as a protagonist in Walden, New York. 

LA SIDRA.- Angry Orchard, main producer of cider in the United States, organized a homage dinner for Asturian cider, a gastronomic twinning where Asturian cuisine and its cider culture will be the protagonists of an evening at Ryan Burk’s facilities in Walden. The culinary tribute to the Asturian tradition is designed by the chefs Jamie Bissonnette, chef of the Toro restaurant in Boston and winner of the 2014 best chef award by the James Beard Foundation, Alex Vallcorba of the restaurant ANXO in Washington and Justin Severino, four times nominee to the James Beard Foundation Award, chef and co-owner of Cure and Morcilla in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The dinner menu was presented with six elaborations inspired by the traditional Asturian cuisine that will be paired with Poma Aurea, Sidra Trabanco d’Escoyeta and Avalon -awarded at the VIII International Hall of Gala Ciders- by Sidra Trabanco and the new harvest by Angry Orchard, cider mill that also participated in the aforementioned event. Samuel Trabanco will be the ambassador of the cider in this meeting. In addition, Ryan Burk, from Angry Orchar, launched Edu !, the first edition of the 2017 harvest with Asturian inspiration. For the occasion, the consortium “Asturies For Foodies” will add the preserved products by Agromar and Rebollín cheeses.

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