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The CSAM organizes a summer pruning course

The workshop was sponsored by the Caja Rural and taught by Campoastur technicians

THE CIDER.- The summer arrives … -Well, let’s see if it finally arrives-, and the Amigos de la Manzana Club from Sieru organizes a pruning course every year. It was held today June 27 at the farm that CSAM has in Cuitu, in Aramil. In this way, those who signed up could learn different techniques to get their apple trees to develop correctly. Within the course topics such as pruning in green, what actions to do to help fructification, intensity of pruning, differentiating suckers from new branches, clearing of fruits or how to twist and arch the branches.

It should be noted that pruning is one of the tools to be taken into account in order to ensure that the apple harvests stabilize and fight the crops. Of course, this phenomenon depends on several factors, but learning to perform a proper pruning and deepening clearing methods, it could result in a substantial improvement as recognized by experts.

In fact, both Campoastur and the Ministry of Rural Development through the PDO Sidra de Asturies, are increasingly promoting these workshops in order to reach the entire harvesting population research that is being carried out in this area. Of course, it should be noted that the Club Sierense de la Manzana has been successfully organizing these workshops for years, in addition to many others related to both the Asturian apple and our cider.

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