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SISGA’20 Awards

The SISGA Awards were obtained to reward the best ciders presented at the  International Hall of Gala Ciders (SISGA / IHGC), and are now an international benchmark for quality.

Four types of distinctions are awarded per category: gold, silver and bronze based on the score achieved, and Premium, to the best cider in each category among those presented to the SISGA.

The consolidation of this International Show and its repercussion, as well as the diversification and dynamism that the sector is experiencing, means that year after year new varieties of cider are being added to the international market, in such a way that at present, the SISGA Awards recognize fourteen categories, being open to new additions.

The modalities established for the SISGA awards are:

  • Best Dry Cup Cider
    Best Semi-Dry Cup Cider
    Best Sweet Cup Cider
    Best Semi-Sweet Sparkling Cider
    Best Sweet Sparkling Cider
    Best Brut Cider
    Best Rose Cider
    Best Cider with other fruits
    Most Original Cider
    Best Perry
    Best Ice Cider
    Best Fire Cider
    Best Cider Brandy
    Best Cider Liquor


To award these prizes, an International Jury is formed, of recognized prestige, made up of cidermakers, cider bar owners, specialized journalists … chaired by the expert Manuel G. Busto and in which each cider mill can propose a member, following a blind tasting system and individualized scoring according to rules, criteria and tasting sheet previously agreed between the members of the jury. This activity will take place during the afternoon of Friday 23, in which the preselection will take place, and throughout Saturday, October 24 with the finalist cider.

This year, due to the sanitary limitations of the Covid-19 journey, the Open Tasting to the Public will be held, but the awarded ciders will be able to be tasted at the Gala Brunch that will take place on Sunday, October 25 at the Restaurante El Duque.


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