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‘Sidrino’, intelligent cider pourer to prevent accidents

The prototype is a project of the IES Peñamayor de Nava, thanks to it he won the second place of the ICT Impulse Award.

THE CIDER.- From November 11 to 15, the IX ICT Impulse Week will be held in Avilés, reference days in the field of information and communication technologies and will have open and free activities for all those interested in these sectors .

And within this week, prizes are also awarded. The winners have already been announced and one of the proposals is related to Asturies’ most important drink. The second ICT Education Impulse Prize went to a group of six 4th grade students of the ESO of the IES Peñamayor de Nava, for the ‘Sidrino’ project.

“Its location in the cradle of the cider and the amount of traffic accidents that have alcohol as the main cause, has led these students to design an” intelligent” cider pourer that identifies the driver of the group and only serves” two cider glasses. ” The pourer works with cards, each member of the group will receive a card and the driver will limit their consumption. The rest of the members of the group can choose, for example, if you want the longest or shortest culinos ”they explained from the organization.

Likewise, the first prize went to the IES Jerónimo Glonzález de Sama de Llangréu for Robotic Hand Rehabilitation; and the third for the Colegio Salesiano Santo Ángel de Avilés for ‘Chlorophyll 1.0’.

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