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Conference: “Importance of Biodiversity in Cider Apple Growing”

It will be on Thursday, December 13 in the Assembly Hall of the Easmu in Uviéu

THE CIDER.- On December 13th, the day of transfer and dissemination of the R + D + I organized by the SERIDA and the University of Uviéu entitled “Importance of Biodiversity in Apple Cider Growing” will be held. The schedule will be from 9.30 am to 2 pm in the Easmu Assembly Hall in Uviéu.

María Jesús Álvarez, Councilor of Rural Development and Natural Resources will attend the day; and José Ramón Obeso, Vice-Rector of Research, University of Uviéu.

The conferences will be:

10:00 – Biodiversity, ecosystem services and cider apple of Asturias taught by Marcos Miñarro, SERIDA.

10:15 – Control of pests by birds and insects in the cider apple of Asturias by Daniel García, University of Uviéu.

10:45 – Pollination by insects in the cider apple of Asturias that will be pronounced by Marcos Miñarro, SERIDA.

11:45 – Biodiversity and ecosystem services: The perception of the producers of Rodrigo Martínez, SERIDA.

12:05 – Olivares Vivos: From scientific evidence to sustainable production and agri-food quality by José Eugenio Gutiérrez, SEO / BirdLife

12:50 – Round table: The cider apple tree engine of agri-food development and environmental conservation? With the assistance of the general direction of Rural Development and Agri-food, the general direction of Forestry and Agricultural Infrastructures, the general direction of Biodiversity, Campoastur and SEO / BirdLife

14:00 – It will be the closing ceremony by Ramón A. Juste, Managing Director, SERIDA

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