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Map of Cider Bars from Xixón

The aim of the First Cider of the Year is to spread and strengthen the Asturian cider culture, and a fundamental part of it is cider bars, so this map of cider bars of Xixón is an indispensable tool.

THE CIDER.- As it is about getting people closer to the cider and its culture, so they know it in some cases and so that they participate and recreate in it in others. LA SIDRA and the Asturies XXI Foundation make an effort so that this event has a projection and an impact on the whole sector, promoting and once again claiming to cider bars as a basic element the cider sector and the Asturian cider culture.

And while it is true that we have people who do not leave the First Cider of the Year in the four days that the event lasts -and  longer if they could-, it is normal for people to enjoy these days also with other activities of entertainment, and for that, so that they can continue to get to know and enjoy Asturian cider culture, at the entrance of the PSLA a map will be handed out containing the Xixón’s cider bars. This way they will know where to go outside the First Cider of the Year festival.


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