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“It’s culture, not drinking in the street”

The members of the energy sector defend the Asturian drink before the possibility of stopping investing in events in which alcoholic beverages are offered.

LA SIDRA.- The General Director of Public Health, Antonio Molejón, gave two examples: the cider and beer festivals. And it is that Health is concerned about the growing consumption of alcohol among the population, especially the young. However, this argument is not in line with the data of other members of the administration. Just enough to see in this magazine the amount of arguments given by the Ministry of Rural Development and Agri-food that extols Asturian cider culture and have invested funds for its promotion as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. But that is only a part, there are also the restaurant owners, harvesters, in addition to the large number of members of the Academy as Luis Benito García, the good part of his work has been focused for years on rigorous research on cider in all layers of society.

In fact, recently, in the 178th edition of this magazine, we analyzed the code of the ASSA -Cidermakers Association- presented after the summer. In this one, one of its main points is the “Guarantee of absence of botellón (street drinking)”.

Attention! Says the ASSA: “Guarantee the absence of street drinking” means the act of promoting natural nature can not use the consumption of our product indiscriminately and uncontrolled. As I have always had a place, an atmosphere of fraternization and good social and personal relations, it has always been an important element of socialization of our society and we must continue to be promoted. We do not refer to these acts but to those organized to promote ciders “explained the association, jointly and representing the voice of all its members, for the knowledge of a gastro-cultural encounter that is not becoming a” botellón or street drinking”, the ASSA understands that it is the organization of the event of the promotion of natural nature, in collaboration with the local authorities where” those who are putting the means “are celebrated to guarantee this issue.

This point, very important for the Association of Cidermakers, was one of the voters during its General Assembly, achieving unanimity. In fact, in that same Assembly. They have reached an agreement not to participate since 2019 in acts of promotion of Asturian natural cider that do not meet the quality rights recognized in the Decalogue in order to improve the image and quality of these acts for promotion of the Asturian cider.

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