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Casa Güelu, tradition and good product

This cider bar from Avilés, inaugurated last April 20, bets on a traditional Asturian cuisine and the usual snacks, highlighting its daily menu and making espichas and company meals, in which there will be plenty of  cider.
LA SIDRA.- Avilés has since April 20, a new point of reference for cider lovers. Casa Güelu opened its doors, with the help of Catya Suárez, to offer customers the best Asturian gastronomy and, above all, cider.
With a traditional cuisine, they look for excellence with a first quality product, from the best fish of the Avilés estuary, to the hake of the Cuideiru skewer, the sausages of Casa Ezequiel or the Txogitxu Basque T-bone steak.
Every day of the week, this is the best option for the clientele, the espichas and company dinners, of course, there is no lack of the best cider, in this case that of Trabanco, Trabanco d’Escoyeta or Menéndez. Their bet on the traditional Asturian drink is a fact, in addition to giving the precise care so that it is perfect to serve and offer a quality pouring, during the week they include offers in which you can take a casserole for a small price.
Surrounded by a great atmosphere, within the menu, for those who just want something, we can find the usual snacks. A wide variety of dishes, from the squid to the classic potatoes three sauces, to enjoy food in the best company. In addition to the fish fresh from the market, like the viceroy, it is necessary to emphasize its cod as main dish.


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