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Blind dinner in Las 3 andaricas

The restaurant  Las 3 Andaricas celebrates a dinner in the cities with different types of cider and composed of five dishes and three publications.

LA SIDRA.- The 3 Andaricas, reputed restaurant of Somao, Próxima, to extend the next July 6th an original blind dinner, that is, in it the eyes of the guests will be blindfolded so that they pay attention to more people.

The idea was born, as explained, Fernando, because “once I went to a cheese tasting and I liked it a lot and I thought about how we could move it to a tasting menu and that’s where it came from”. In their tasting, they will first offer, around 8.30pm, a welcome cocktail and some snacks to send diners to the table by 9:00 p.m. There comes the most interesting part, since, once seated, “we sell our eyes to make an interactive evening. How can I know what is said and what is said? It is clear that not all people have the same palate and more and more you can read the same dish, because you can also see the rest of the senses, “says Marqués.

The menu will consist of five dishes. For starters, a scallop donut stuffed with oricios and spider crab with crunchy seaweed, paired with Prau Monga natural cider, the DOP of Viuda de Angelón. The second of the dishes is composed of grilled King Silo cheese with marinated salmon, black olive crumbs and ham shavings, accompanied by cider Viuda de Angelón 1947. Continue with a cod sautéed with peppers and mushrooms with which Albariño Brut , Etra. Next, we will offer an octopus with patatinas and the Praut Monga brut. To end the tasting, Iberian pork prey with garnish and to drink, Pomar Rosée cider.

How to make a role in the great evening, a mixture of cheese with tequila mousse; a toffee mousse, and a fresh cheese La peñona with sweet artisan and ecological cranberry, well watered all with a homemade apple juice from the area. The price of the menu, which includes snacks and the welcome cocktail, is 50 euros per person. A perfect opportunity for lovers of gastronomy.


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