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Artichokes with brut cider sauce

LA SIDRA magazine proposes for these days when we must stay at home gastronomic proposals with the common thread of the cider.

LA SIDRA .- Our duty is to stay at home. And from this magazine we fulfill it. It is necessary to follow the instructions of the administrations and of course of doctors, specialists, researchers, male and female nurses, in short, of all the health personnel who are fighting every minute against this pandemic.

It is also time to be creative and help, from our homes, in any way we can. That is why in this magazine we will continue working via the internet. On our website we will be publishing entries on cider and gastronomy so that whoever wants to can delve into this world. Some are entries that have been published in the paper magazine, but have not been published on this online site. So we share them, along with new proposals.

The first of them is a recipe in which we use a brut cider. This type of cider is a foamy drink resulting from the second fermentation of a natural cider due to its natural sugars or by adding tirage liquor. The types of foamy cider are divided into two, taking into account where the second fermentation takes place. This can be in the bottle –champenoise method– with a permanence of a minimum of five months; or in large containers – granvas method -, where the second fermentation takes place in hermetically sealed tanks, from which it is transferred to the bottles with a minimum permanence of three months.

Artichokes with brut cider sauce: We clean eight artichokes and put them in lemon water and then cook them with a teaspoon of salt for about 15 minutes. We throw the cooking water and reserve. In a frying pan or casserole, add two finely chopped garlics, an onion also chopped, and if desired, a chilli. When all the elements begin to brown, add a glass of homemade broth and another of brut cider. We let the alcohol evaporate and we are going to add two teaspoons of flour to the mixture, stirring so that it thickens. We include parsley to taste and place the artichokes. We cook for ten more minutes.

Picture: David Aguilar Sánchez

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