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A special First Cider of the Year

It will be held from April 1 to 4 and maintains the call for the Best First Cider of the Year 2021, the Asturianada and Sidre, the Sidracrucis, the Guided Tasting, and the Homemade Cider Contest held in Maera, combining face-to-face calls, with other on-line

LA SIDRA.- The Covid-19 pandemic will make the XII edition of the First Cider of the Year the most special of all those that have been organized so far, if it is true that its celebration can be maintained, respect health security measures in vigor.

In such a way that the first activity will be the Best First Cider of the Year Contest, in which wineries with new cider will be able to participate, and whose jury will meet on Thursday, March 25, at the La Montera Picona de Ramón Cider House, with public attendance. limited and controlled -space reservation by strict order of registration at, and online broadcast on youtube and instagram (@revistalasidra).

In accounts to do in the Muséu del Pueblu d’Asturies, as usual, the winning cider can be enjoyed in some cider houses in Xixón, specifically right now it is confirmed that it will be available in:

Cider house La Montera Picona de Ramón
Poniente cider house
New Park Cider House
Cider house El Velero
Cider house Tírate al Matu

Although it will be expanded to some other cider house. On the other hand, during that week and the following, 3 corks of this Best PSLA will be exchanged for a mask with a cider motif.

The official opening will take place at the Muséu del Pueblu d’Asturies, on Thursday, April 1, and the opening of the opening bum and the award for the Best First Cider 2021 will be held there.

On Friday, April 2, the Sidracrucis will take place, which will especially visit the cider houses that have the Best First Cider 2021, and that instead of being held collectively, it will be carried out in accordance with the sanitary provisions, seeking the greatest possible impact on the networks social, with the use of the hashtag #Sidracrucis, which with that of # PrimerSidreLAñu will try to achieve significant media coverage.

On Saturday, April 3, in the afternoon, at the Llagar El Duque there will be a guided tasting of the first cider from the host village and the first 5 ciders classified in the Best First Cider of the Year Contest, by Manuel Busto and Joaquín Fernández, with limited and controlled public attendance – € 10 seat reservation, in strict order of registration at, and online broadcast on YouTube e instagram (@revistalasidra).

On Sunday 4th at 12:30 pm, the jury of the Fecho Homemade Cider Contest will be organized in Maera, with awards at approximately 14:30.

As for Asturianada and Sidre, it will be held on-line, with the opening of a specific playlist on YouTube, and broadcast by RRSS of interpretations of Asturianadas related to cider.

Consequently, from April 1 to 4, there will be an important work to disseminate videos and portraits related to this and previous editions of the First Cider of the Year, and the use of the hastag # PrimerSidreLAñu, an activity for whom the request is made. the greatest possible social support.


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