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A natural life next to a tree: the apple tree

Pepe Riestra publishes a book on how to sow and care for a pumarada in a professional way; but with a simple language to “reach all people”.

LA SIDRA.- “My father was a miner but had an apple orchard in Aramil, where he was born. It had forty or fifty trees, big, huge. He was a very curious man and he was very good at it. He pruned wonderfully, a graft did not fail him. ” Memories of Pepe Riestra who has commented on this medium to explain how his book ‘A natural life next to a tree: the apple tree’ came about. Riestra recalls how her father worried not only about making grafts of his apple trees to everyone who asked him, but also taught them how to do it. And of course, that helpful attitude was inherited by his son. “I was impressed with how my father helped others. He made me go to the block to get dung for the grafts and that’s how he learned too. That is why I have always believed that if I know something, I have to pass it on to my children and whoever I know … What good is taking it to the grave with me? This is not how it evolves. If we do not transmit, it does not evolve ”he assures and continues:

“There are many books on fruit trees, thousands, but specific to the apple tree there are not so many. And a large part of them use language that does not reach all people. So I wanted to make a book that was easy to understand, that whoever reads a chapter has the feeling that he has learned and wants to continue with the next one.”

Easy and simple reading that deals with the parts of the tree where you must work as branches or buds. Also the life cycle of the apple tree and what needs to be done in the different months of the year. It also addresses different techniques such as fertilizing, watering or pruning: “I rely on what is called thinning. It is the most studied and the most researched in the whole world: Italy, Turkey, the United States, France, in Lower Aragon or Catalonia. The book also contains extensive information on sustainable agriculture. The full review can be found in the magazine that was published in July.

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