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Defending our bottle

The ASA denounces that the bottle is used by non-Asturian producers although this collective has the trademark register.

THE CIDER.-The Association of Ciders of Asturies -ASA- celebrated yesterday its meeting at the Foundation José Cardín from Maliayu. Inside the points spoken about it was highlighted the improper use of the cider bottle. It has been a while since this association had the bottle design registered to avoid that non-Asturian makers from using it. However the known “iron mold” has been used anyway so it would be necessary to take more serious measures, even to take the situation to courts.

It was in the XIX century in the industrial rising when the Asturian population doubled. It was also a time during which the migration towards America increased. This meant an increase of the cider demand. Until that time the usual consumption of our traditional beverage was popular drinking meetings in jugs or “zapiques”. It was back in 1827 then the first bottle was made.

It is settled in Natahoyo, Xixón, an oven bought by Ramón Toral for that use and that in 1829 goes to Begoña. Then La Industria buys in the middle of the century. Then the bottle makes the cider available to be drunk at any time of the year and in any situation so the consumption bursts. Almost at the same time La Industria begins to make the first cider glasses, which in the beginning were thick, more than 400 g weight and with strands. They had 500 ml of capacity according with Emilio Martínez during the speech he gave at the Xixón’s Botanical Garden in the comference “Evolution and relevance of the apple production in Asturies”, to which this media attended.

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