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Cider Arc

This year, the Atlantic Arc Festival will have its own space for Atlantic Cider.

LA SIDRA.- The Cider Arc, organized by the Astureis XXI Fesival, will be located at the Spirts Harbor, near the V Agroalimentary Hall and there will be an exposure of the 22 selected pictures of the X La Sidra Photography Contest, there will also be tastings of European cider and conferences about cider.

From the 21st to 30th of July people will have the chance to taste cider made in the Atlantic Europe and participate in the guided tastings on the days 26th to 30th. On these days there will be sessions dedicated to each and every of the nations protagonists of the program “Sea of languages”, being this year the topic of the Atlantic Arc the minorized languages: Occitan, Asturian, Euskara, Breton and Galician.

Apart of it, there are scheduled the following conferences:

Wednesday 26th. Occitania

19:30  “Cider in photography”. Luis José Vigil-Escalera Quintanal. Specialized photographer around cider and its environment, with several national and international prizes, member of the Statal Confederation of Photography and president of the X LA SIDRA’s Photography Contest.

Thursday 27th. Asturies

19:30 “Cider in the kitchen”. Lluis Nel Estrada. Cook specialized in gastronomy and communication, gastronomic marketing and agroalmentation. He has released four works: “Con Tastu a Sidra”, “Cocina Tradicional Asturiana en Cuatro Estaciones” and “Cuarenta Quesos, Cuarenta Platos”, this last one got him the recognition as Master Cheese Chef of Asturies in 2006.

Friday 28th. Euskal Herria / Basque Country

19:30 “La Patrimonialización de la cultura. El casu de la Sidre d’Asturies”. Xuan de Con. Anthropologist, professor-tutor in UNED. 

Sábadu 29 Breizh / Brittany

19:30 “L’Océanu que baña la sidre / The Ocean around cider”. David M. Rivas, main professor of Economic Structure in the Authonomous University of Madrid, where he teaches the sobjects: worldwide economc structure and sustainable development. Nowadays he is professor and researcher in different places in Europe and America and is member of the Latin-American Observatory of Territorial Order and Sustainability and in the Interuniversitary Istitute of Spacial Sustainable Economy.

He has lots of releases, to be highlighted the ones about Asturian ethnography: “La sidra asturiana. Bebida, ritual y símbolo” (Xixón, 2001). Second edition in 2007. “Las fiestas asturianas. Nuevas formas y viejos ritos” (Xixón, 2009).

Sunday 30th. Galicia

19:30 “Sidre y espacios de sociabilidá n’Asturies / Cider and sociability spaces in Asturies”. Antonio Martínez Fernández. Graduate in Geography and History, author of several books, among them “Noreña and cider”, work winner of the third edition of the Emilio Trabanco Essay Award. This is a study over the local history about the cider sector in general and cider industry in particular as main topic and that takes on account the social and cultural connotations of cider in Asturies.

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