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Burbujas, the reception of the sparklings

In this event participated champagnes, cavas and three cider mills of brut cider.

THE CIDER.- This was the seventh edition of “Burbujas”, an event that puts together cava, champagne and sparkling cider. It took place in the Oca Palaciu La Llorea Hotel, located in the road Xixón-Villaviciosa. Burbujas 2016 is organized by El Comercio and Gustatio with the sponsorship of the Adarsa car dealer.

As usually on the morning took place Gastroburbujas, a meeting that allowed restauranteurs to taste products paired with sparkling products, like Jamón Beher, Foie Martiko, Ostras Daniel Sorlut, Conservas la Brújula, Setas Silvestres and desserts by Poison Apple.

In the afterniin there were tastings. The restauranteurs could attend from 12 to 15 and from 17 to 21 hours, while the general public could do ut from 18:30. The present cider mills were El Gaitero, Emilio Martínez and Trabanco.

Then there was the Burbujas Party, a cocktail dinner made by Nacho and Esther Manzano in their restaurant La Salgar, where there was a display of cocktails with cava and cider.

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