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Asturies and our cider is Basque

A North American web locates Asturies inside the Basque Country and qualifies our cider as Basque.


THE CIDER.- The web site specialized in gastronomy and oenology, locates Asturies inside the Basque Country and calls the cider Ramos del Valle by Fran Cider Mill and “Best DOP Cider of Asturies 2013” as Basque cider in a fortuneless article in which speaks about cocktails made with this cider.

This fact, which cannot be taken as an anectode for not being the first and surely nor the last, stands out how Asturian cider loses ground regarding international recognition.

And this is because, as we have been saying from LA SIDRA, is not the same to have an own government to defent their own than to suffer an imposed “Pricipality” that despises whatever is Asturian and does not seem to have any interest than to make of Asturies a district from Madrid. Thus, while i n Basque Country they have their cider as a flag around the world, the “Principality” keeps making the official events with Spanish wine and advertising as “The Spain of the North”.

Curiously it was a Basque web site the one to call the alarm, which came out in defense of the Asturian cider and corrected the authors of this terrible mistake, as it can be read in this article, leaving clear that the problem are not Basque People but the people from the so called Principality.

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