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Vinegar Camín reaches the category of ecological

Casa Trabanco cider company accompanies the launch with the creation of spring recipes with organic vinegar.

THE CIDER.- Sidra Trabanco takes another step in its commitment to the environment and launches the first organic cider vinegar on the market under the seal Llagar de Llavandera. Camín is a vinegar made with organic cider obtained from sweet-bitter apple varieties and without the addition of sulfites for its conservation. The secret of its quality lies in a good raw material and a process of maturation and acidification of the cider that ends up becoming vinegar thanks to the intervention of microorganisms.

“The mild and elegant acidity of this vinegar makes it perfectly suited to all kinds of salads, vegetables, marinated products, rice, meat or fish. It is the perfect ally for the kitchen, since its uses are innumerable and always brings that ideal fresh touch to any seasoning, “they explain from the company. The ecological certification of this vinegar guarantees that the cultivation of the apples used for its elaboration has been developed without using synthetic chemical products, nor genetically modified organisms, being also a cultivation more respectful with the environment.

The Llagar de Llavandera wants to take one more step and continue on the path of taking care of health and promoting sustainability. This vinegar is a great ecological treasure rich in flavonoids, vitamins and minerals, which improves digestion and provides antioxidants to our body.

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