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Future Catalan chefs know Asturian cider

The School of Hostelry of the IES Valle de Aller receives, from today and until Thursday, a group of future kitchen professionals of the IES Olivar Gran, of Figueres, Girona.

LA SIDRA. Two fundamental actions carried out by the Hotel School IES La Carisa for cider. One of them is that thanks to the training they teach, their students can know in depth the different qualities and capabilities of the most emblematic Asturies product in terms of gastronomy. The other is that it also organizes activities in which its knowledge is encouraged.

Today the 2nd of April the IES Valle de Aller carries out in the morning a joint menu with representative dishes of both territories. The students of Morea will discover to the Catalan visitors the taste of a good pot, of verdinas with seafood, they will also cook hake with cider, governed meat; and as for the desserts, casadielles and arroz con leche -why not- will be the protagonists. On the other hand, those of Figueres will reveal the secrets of their cod fritters, the coca, the stewed peas, the black rice of the Empordá, the stuffed squid and the Catalan cream.

“The main objective is to show the Catalan delegation the gastronomic richness of our land,” they point out from the educational center, which is why it has designed a program of visits. On Wednesday, they will travel to Tinéu and Cangas de Narcea to visit the facilities of Cafento, IGP Chosco de Tinéu and Bodega Monasterio de Corias -ascribed to the DOP of Vinos de Cangas-. Thursday will be the day dedicated to cider as they will get to know the Cortina cider mill to learn more about the Sidra de Asturies PDO, and also visit the El Gaitero facilities. Finally, they will go to the fishing village of Llastres to see this beautiful town.

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