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The Tommy Hilfiger brand presents some beach shoes made from recycled apple fiber

The important American firm joins sustainable fashion and proposes this shoe in which it uses fruit waste as an alternative to skin.

LA SIDRA.- On a few occasions we can write about cider and apple topics related to fashion and shoe trends. But on this occasion the Tommy Hilfiger firm has managed to get us to do it since it has presented two dos sneakers ’, that is, two beach shoes that have the particularity of being made, in part, with apple waste; what has been the magaya of all life that is obtained from cider making.

The American brand thus becomes an advocate of sustainable fashion, one of the trends that we will see how it grows from now on since said industry – it has been pointed out – is highly polluting and it is everyone’s job to do what is in our hands to take care of the planet. In addition, it should be noted that these shoes are a new alternative to what is made of leather, in tune with those who cry out for the use of manufacturing elements that do not harm animals.

Likewise, this alternative to leather, not only reduces waste, but also generates less environmental impact; and less energy is required to produce them. The above is because these treatments require simpler chemical treatments and less water.

Over the last few years we have seen how the magaya or leftover pressed apple can be reused and with good employability options. In this magazine we have published different real proposals such as for use in cosmetics, in the making of bread and desserts, and now in the manufacture of beach sand. Perhaps it is time to realize the great possibility that we have by having 9,000 tons of magaya each year that can be reused generating wealth to the country and jobs, hopefully we will never miss this train again.

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