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Programming complementary to the XIII SISGA

 As the participants in the International Hall of Gala Ciders tend to extend their stay in Asturies to discover and enjoy how much our country offere, in this XIII SISGA there will be a complementary program for before and after the SISGA itself.

LA SIDRA.- The four days of SISGA, full of activities, are not enough to enjoy the Asturian cider experience, not to mention how much Asturies has to offer in other fields. That’s why this year, and outside of the schedule, SISGA offers its participants interesting cider alternatives that allow them to make the most of their stay in our country.

 The proposed alternatives, to be specified in each case, are:

 • ‘ESCANCIANDO exhibition.  Representations of Asturian cider in the plastic arts’ that brings together, in addition to pictorial works and advertising posters, different elements that review the history of the Asturian national drink.

 • Visit to the Finca El Gallinal.- Referential apple orchard registered in the Protected Designation of Origin that has 30 hectares of which 23 are planted with seven varieties of Apple with Designation of Origin: Regona, De la Fuente, Verdialona, ​​Durona de Tresali, Xuanina, Raxao and Madiedo.

 • DOP Cider from Asturies.- Visit to the facilities of the Regulatory Council of the Protected Designation of Origin Cider (PDO) from Asturies, in Villaviciosa.

 • Visit to the facilities of the Regional Agrifood Research and Development Service (SERIDA), which has a genome reserve of more than 2,000 Asturian apple breeds.

 • Cheese and Cider Route.- “A trip to Guillermina’s world through Cabrales cheese, cider, landscape and culture”

 • Visit to cider mills – There are many Asturian cider mills that offer visits to their facilities of whom we can provide information, and many others that without offering these visits will surely be delighted to receive the cidermakers attending SISGA.

 • Cider route.- Indispensable, a small route from cider bar to cider bar and from cider glass to cider glass… we thought of 3 proposals:

    •  Xixón.- Cimavilla / Cider district
    • Uviéu.- Gascona Cider district
    • Mieres.- Requexu Cider district

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