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Stuffed Onions in L’Entregu

L’Entregu, in the heart of the El Nalón Basin, is the world capital of Stuffed Onions, a great culinary invention that has its origins in the ingenuity of a local cook, Aniceta Fueyo “La Nina”, that over the years 40 of the twentieth century he devised to give lunch to several priests in Lenten time.

La Nina, with the creativity that emerges from the need, her know-how, and simple ingredients – onion, ratatouille and pretty canned food – has reached a delicious dish that transcended our limits and has lasted over time.

Coinciding with the festivity of San Andrés – on November 30 – in L’Entregu the Fiesta Cebolles Rellenes was celebrated, which is undoubtedly one of the most important gastronomic festivals in the country.
Onions, he surprises those who in one had tried them, and delights his unconditional ones, how succulent that can become a dish so seemingly humble and whose only secret is in the laborious process of cupping, the subsequent filling of the onions and its simmering, stewing for three or four hours, which is what gives them its distinctive flavor that delights the palate more demanding.
In La Sindical they offer menus throughout the year with the best of our traditional gastronomy at popular prices and as it could be otherwise, they will be baptized with the name of one of our mining wells that are sensible of our culture and idiosyncrasy.

THE TRADE UNION, Cider bar. Manuel González Vigil, 2. L’ENTREGU, SRA T. 985746606

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