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Awesome! 6,000 cider lovers on the penultimate day of the X First Cider of the Year!

Today is the last opportunity to get close to the X First Cider of the Year. Do not let them tell you!

The day demanded cider: sun and party in the Pueblu d’Asturies have been the option of more than 6,000 people to spend this Saturday vacation. Among them, many Asturian people, but also tourists and foreigners who have come to know first-hand the cider culture live.

PSLA 2019 Saturday

From the morning, the guided tastings of Ice Cider “Diamantes de Hielo”, of “Casería del Obispo” brandy, of “Roxmut” aperitif and of the Meyor First Cider of the Year 2019, “Prado and Pedregal”, accompanied by Asturian gastronomic products, by Manuel G. Busto, have given the attendees interesting notes, not only on gastronomy and oenology, but also on history.



The second phase of the musical contest Asturian song and Cider put the soundtrack with the voices of the best promises of the tune accompanied by the already consecrated Anabel Santiago. The most intense moments have been the performance of Nestor, who with nothing more than 9 years has shaken with the power his voice, and the Anthem of Asturies sung along with the hundreds of people who already in the middle of the afternoon filled the Tendayu.


PSLA 2019 sábado

But undoubtedly, the games have been one of the biggest attractions, not only for children, but yesterday were especially adults who enjoyed the sack races and the rope, leaving memorable images to remember. There was also no collective mayada in the mobile cider press of the Ciderschool.

The ambient got better during the afternoon and the tables and blankets on the floor has been going to the songs and dances of the country, organizing an anthology party that endured at a good pace beyond the time of closure.

For those who have not been able to go yesterday, or for those who want to repeat, today from 12 to 17 is the last opportunity to attend the X First Cider of the Year, which today has the extra attraction of the Homemade Cider made in Wood Contest, in which the best homemade cider is rewarded by the most traditional system and which is one of the few home-made cider contests nationwide. Of course, it will follow the cider of 70 cider mills, the games, the tastings, the music, the good food and the party.

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