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III State Contest “In search of the Best Cachopo made with Asturian Veal IGP”

The is open, free of charge, and will end on January 23 or until 70 participants sign up.

LA SIDRA.- The deadline to participate in the III State Contest “In search of the Best Cachopo prepared with Asturian Veal IGP” is now open. No doubt that to cook a good cachopo, the raw material is essential. “Hence, the meat of Asturian beef is the most used and the most quality, especially for its characteristic tenderness” point out from the Protected Geographical Indication.

The contest, they explain, aims to reach all establishments in the Spanish territory that produce this dish. And for this today registration has been opened for all the places that wish to participate. It is available online on the website of the Regulatory Board of the IGP Asturian Veal. Participating venues should send the bulletin that they will find on the website correctly filled, as well as the chosen recipe – ingredients and development.

The inscriptions must be sent to the mail before January 23 at 2:00 p.m. Attention! The maximum number of participants in this third edition will be 70, so that if this figure is reached before the end date of registration, the deadline will be considered closed.

The organization, after analyzing all the cachopos by visiting “in situ”, without identifying until the end of the tasting of the cachopo, will select 12 participants, who will be those who participate in the final in Madrid. The deadline for the mysterious visit will be extended from January 24 to March 20, both inclusive.

The jury will taste the presented cachopo, which should be available to diners during the eight weeks of the contest, being presented as a suggestion to the guests or displayed in writing in the letter or in the establishment. The cost of the tasting of the same by the jury will be borne by the organization.

The 6 best cachopos of Asturias and the 6 best cachopos from outside of Asturias will be selected for the grand final. After a previous selection through the system of “mystery shopper”, the finalists will be summoned to elaborate in situ and to give to taste to the jury their cachopos in the Hall of the Gourmets on Monday, April 8 at 2:00 p.m.

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