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III Apple Smashing and Apple Juice Party

During the days 3rd and 4th of November, one more year the InfoNoreña Cultural Association will organize the Apple Smashing and Apple Juice Party from Noreña

LA SIDRA.- On Friday morning the youngest will give the starting signal with the visit of the students of the Escuelina de Noreña starting at 11:30 h. They will give way to other children who take advantage of school holidays to come to the Multipurpose Room.

In the afternoon, starting at 6 pm, the amagüestu (traditional Fall meal) will start, an essential part of the chestnut -cider binomial. Att 20 o’clock  LA SIDRA’s photography exhibition of will be opened, followed by the official opening with institutional participation and D Rodrigo Vega (member of the Good Confraternity of the Sicerators of Asturies) who will be the town crier. The act will be closed by Villa y Condau de Noreña Bagpipe Band performing the Asturian anthem. Then, around 9:30 p.m., the Folk Night will start with the performances of L-R and el Koku la manzana.

On Saturday, the doors will open at 12 in the morning for the First Big Apple Smashing, after the first tasting of cider awards in SISGA’17 and in the afternoon at 17 the Official Contest of Cider Pourers. At  19 workshop “Playing in the kitchen” for children and again at night, a concert by N’Ochebre.

On Sunday we open with the Second Big Apple Smashing and at 13 o’clock we have the second tasting of cider awarded in the SISGA 2017. At 13:30 one of the highlights of the party, the exhibition of tonada with the presence of Antonio González, José Luis Oves and Manuel Arenas, accompanied by Álvaro Álvarez to the bagpipes. The Villa y Condau de Noreña Bagpipe Band will put the icing on the cake by showing their repertoire. In the afternoon, at 16, one of the most anticipated activities, the third Homemade  Apple Compote Contest, where awards will be given to the best products by the professional jury and also by the popular jury, as well as another award for the best presentation. At 6 pm, second workshop “Playing in the kitchen” for children. At 21 hours the activity will end.

During the day there will be amagüestu and an exhibition of tools for the production of apple juice that can be used by children and adults.

The idea of ​​this activity is to teach the little ones and recover the traditional way of making cider, a very prolific activity in Noreña. To give the importance that apple juice deserves , a qualitable product with a great welcome among the public that perhaps has been a little postponed by the natural cider, that does not stop being the top product.


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