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Harmonization with ice cider

In this month’s edition of the paper magazine you can find a special harmonization with the ice ciders that participated in the SISGA (International Hall of Gala Ciders).

THE CIDER.- One of the objectives of the International Hall of Gala Ciders is to show that cider is a drink that can live up to any gastronomic proposal. It is for this reason that the magazine LA SIDRA, has begun to publish a series of articles on harmonizations or pairings with the products that competed in the last international contest of the mentioned room. In the edition of these months of November and December you will find combinations with ice ciders. In the following lines we leave two of the eight proposals.

Viuda de Angelón Ice Cider with Octopus Ceviche. Since they went on the market, ice cider producers have ensured that they are an excellent snack, as is the ceviche – sometimes called ceviche or seviche. This star dish of Peruvian cuisine is also typical of more countries in the New Continent, especially in Central America. And although here in Spanish territory it is known prepared with fish marinated in lime, salt and pepper; In Latin America, it is also common that has octopus as its base.

Also in this recipe we include avocado, an ingredient that will give the dish unctuousness and lower the level of acidity. Its elaboration is very simple: we cook the octopus – like a lifetime – we chop two legs, put it in a bowl and add lime juice to cover. Salamos to taste and crush peppercorns to taste. After about two hours in the fridge, we take it out and mix with purple onion and avocado pieces. We serve in chat glasses. Tip: to prepare the purple onion you have to cut it into slices, boil it to deflate it, strain and put it also to marinate, but this time with orange juice until covered; apart you have to add a tablespoon of salt. Another appetizer that combines very well with this cider is a fine pastrami with honey mustard … it goes perfectly Lodowa Gruszka of Cydr Chyliczki.



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