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The IHGC protagonist of LA SIDRA in October

The VII International Hall of Gala Cider has a wide reportage in this month’s LA SIDRA. 



LA SIDRA.- As it could not be otherwise, the VII IHGC / SISGA is the main protagonist in LA SIDRA October’s issue  (Nb. 166), appearing in the main page with the title “Historical edition of the SISGA. A showcase for tendence”, and the picture of th Japanese delegation in this historical edition.


A total of 55 pages full of content and pictures to help you get an indea about how this international event of Xixón. The scenario were the Cider mills JR, Castañón, Piñera, El Duque, and the restaurants Somió Park and El Duque. And especially Colexata San Xuan Bautista, where for the second year took place the open tasting day where the cider lovers could enjoy the best international ciders, with cider makers form four different continents and countries such as South Africa, Japan or United States, as well as a wide representation from Europe.

Likewise we speak about the International Jury of the SISGA Awards, and the list of ciders awarded here, with a great result of the Asturian cider, which got 18 of the 36 SISGA Awards given during this edition.

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