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Cider for every taste

Nowadays we can find all sort of ciders in big stores.

LA SIDRA.- Cider is not only natural and made from apples. That is what a vast majority of Asturian people think, considering this as the only one of their own.

The variety of this beverage is extremely broad and big stores like Carrefour, which place value on Asturian products, bring us closer to a different type of cider, local or from other regions or countries.

That is the reason why they offer a wide range of ciders for every taste. Most are natural, made from apples and Asturian. But there are also pear, sparkling, Galician, Basque or international ciders.

Thus we find Menendez, Trabanco, Foncueva, Camin, Cortina, Panizales, Bernueces, Fonciello and Frutambar de Covadonga natural cider; Selection Camin and Foncueva; DOP Vald’ornon, Llaneza o Villacubera; Brut Pomarina, Poma Aurea and reserve Sidru’s; sparkling El Gaitero in its silver, gold and black varieties and Norniella.

Alcohol-free ciders do not go amiss, such as Sidradulce Bernueces, Eva or El Gaitero; vermouth ciders like Roxmut or Viese; eco-friendly Cortina; and even sangria cider Sidria.

Not only in big bottles, but also in 1/3 format like El Gaitero (also alcohol-free), Eris Brut or Avalon; or 25 cl. canned ciders like El Gaitero or Swin by Princider.

If we want to get an Asturian token, there ar also 2-bottle plus a printed cider glass packs from Vald’ornon, Menendez or Ferreria; and 6-bottle packs from Cortina, Villacubera, Foncueva, Covadonga, Ferreria, Traanco, Norniella or El Gaitero.

We can also taste ciders from outside Asturias, like The Good Cider, in its apple, pear and wild berry varieties; apple, blackberry, brut or alcohol-free Maeloc; or Apple Bandit, the cider from Heineken Spain.

And, at an international level, English Strongbow, Irish Magners or Swedish Kopparberg in its pear, strawberry and lime, mixed fruit or wild berries varieties.

A whole world of flavours within our reach!

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Born in Xixón, Asturies, in 1973, I studied English Philology at the Universities of Oviedo and Bradford (UK). I've worked as an English teacher, guide, interpreter and translator. I'm very keen on cider and good cuisine. Follow me on the website

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