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Cider culture and future of the Asturian Cider DOP (Certificate of Origin)

The first Cidery Chat CH2 took place in La Montera Picona de Ramón cider bar.

LA SIDRA.- Time flew in this first chat in which every speaker gave their point of view for longer than an hour. There were significant statements such as “We must take conscience of being together”, “We must find the distinction of this great product”, “We have to make the children aware of cider culture”, all enlivened with several bottles of well-poured cider.

In this roundtable meeting we could find Tino Cortina, DOP chairman, Daniel Ruiz, DOP manager, Gerardo Menéndez, cidermaker at Sidra Menéndez cidermill, blogger Jackeline Marcano, Emilio Rubio, from La Montera Picona de Ramón and Parrilla Ramón, and Iván de la Plata from Fenicia, the event organizer. 

Among the issues dealt with there were questions such as “How do you picture the DOP future?”, Which are the main challenges and opportunities?”, “Development, how much, how and where?”, opinions related to the addition of new apple varieties, new products sheltered by the DOP and, naturally, price.


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