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A Estrada smells like cider

Ribela Cidermill gives the go-ahead to the new cider year in Galicia.

LA SIDRA.- Spring is near and the two craft cidermills in A Estrada, Peroja and Ribela, start up the cider season.

On this occasion, it has been Ribela the one which, taking advantage of the first weekend of March, has opened the cider year with the prestigious physiotherapist Jose Luis Torrado “O Bruxo” as the master of ceremonies.

Jesus Armenteros, owner of Ribela Cidermill, expressed his satisfaction at the fact that a professional with Torrado’s track record, athlete present at the Olympic Games in Mexico, Munich, Montreal, Seoul and Atlanta, has taking part in the traditional “espiche”, where he has known how and which raw material is used to produce Ribela cider.

During the month of March, 2017 harvest, characterized by abundance, freshness, aroma and optimum degree, will be bottled.


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