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XX Villaviciosa’s Cider Party

It will take place on this Saturday 2nd of September and 12 cider mills from the council will take part.

LA SIDRA.- The event will begin with the opening speech by the singe from Asturies of Santillana nando Agüeros and the participation of El Gumial Bagpipe Band and the Folk Group Villaviciosa-Aires d’Asturies.

From the opnening and until 3 o’clock people will be able to taste cider by Buznego, Castañón, Coro, Cortina,  El Gobernador, El Traviesu, Frutos, Los Gemelos, M.Busto, Tomás,  Vallina and M.Vigón, with the usual system of purchasing a commemorative glass for 3 €, which design is based on the poster by Jose Cuadra for Portal’s Festivities.

This year and as a novelty, there will be a Public’s Award with a jury randomly selected among the public, and they will chose the best cider by blind tasting. To participate just ask in the main stand where the glasses are for sale.

Likewise, Gupu Astur de Coleicionismu Sidreru, will give an award for the Nicest Cider Label 2017.

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