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Rose cider, a trend that gains fans

In this month’s paper and online magazine we publish an article about harmonizations with these drinks.

THE CIDER.- They are versatile drinks, ideal to enjoy informally and that their organoleptic characteristics allow us to combine them with a wide variety of cuisines of the world, especially those of the American continent or those of Asian, this is one of the main reasons that its consumption is growing worldwide. In the magazine number 194 of this month we publish an article about harmonizations with this type of drinks. Here is an example of the ‘cooking with cider’ section.

Tagliatelle pesto with Afuega’l Pitu cheese sauce and pine nuts I The key to this dish is salsa with the iconic Asturian cheese. To prepare it, we will simmer 200 milliliters of evaporated milk – there are several brands in the supermarket -, as soon as it boils a light boil add 100 grams of Afuega’l Pitu and stir until it melts in the mixture, later we will add 20 milliliters of pink cider and stir until we obtain a homogeneous mixture. When it is to our liking we will add some pine nuts for and we will remove a few more seconds. This sauce will be included in our noodles prepared before pesto. Remember that pesto sauce is prepared with extra virgin oil, basil, a pinch of garlic and parsley, pine nuts and Parmesan cheese or Grana Padano.

* Photography: David Aguilar Sánchez

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