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1,500 kilos of sea urchins in Güerres

The ninth edition of the conference will take place from February 29 to March 1, and has the collaboration of cider Buznego.

THE CIDER.- Everything is already prepared in Güerres, in the council of Colunga, to celebrate the ninth edition of the already traditional sea urchins day. An event that, with the claim of this peculiar fruit of the sea, combines culture, tradition and music around the good table. The Commission of Celebrations of Güerres will have for the occasion more than 1,500 kilos of this defendant echinoderm, which can be tasted raw or cooked, in addition to tortillas and croquettes.

“The entire town of Güerres will turn, one more year, in the organization of an event that will start on Saturday with the departure, at ten in the morning, of the I Astur-Madrid biker concentration of the sea urchin” says the organization. Two hours later, at noon, the site will open, which until four in the afternoon will offer not only sea urchins and dishes made with this delicacy, but all kinds of drinks and other preparations designed for visitors who prefer to taste other dishes. Before, shortly after one in the afternoon, an excursion to the beach is organized by the Interpretation Center of the Sierra del Sueve.

In addition, chef Nacho Manzano will offer a master class, and singer Rodrigo Cuevas will be awarded.

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