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El Trampolín, a cider bar since always

About to turn 20, the bar has that flavor of the traditional cider bar of a lifetime. The managers, Adrián Méndez and Jorge del Cueto, make sure that this is how they receive each client and cider lover with a smile, good cider and good food.

THE CIDER.- As a specialty one could say a lot about the octopus, from Cuideiru, which is eaten here with some Anlleo beans, and always with that sea flavor so characteristic of the octopus of our coast. Worthy host of the dish, in its various ways of composing.

Other food and delicacies of the Asturian land are pork hooves, veal liver, homemade tripes, homemade tripes, beef steak, fresh squid, and of course the cachopos, being especially recommended zucchini,the mushrooms with matachana and cheese stand out, or the one with Tinéu or with goat cheese. For dessert, a real treat, the grandfather cake, essential.

Cider is well served, Fran and Val de Ornón, even cider sangria.

With such arguments it is clear that you have to visit this bar and know what is prepared there, all with a good cider and family atmosphere. They wait for you, and it’s worth it!

El Trampolín. Avda Torrelavega 30. Uviéu T. 985 201 315

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