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Contest: ‘Turnips in the kitchen’

The final will be tomorrow Friday and the result will be published the next day at the XVI Great Chapter of the Brotherhood in La Foz de Morcín.

THE CIDER.- Tomorrow, Friday, January 10, the VII Contest for Hospitality Schools of Asturies will be held at the Hospitality School of the IES Valle de Aller: “Turnips in the kitchen”. The reception of the finalists will be at ten in the morning, fifteen minutes later the jobs will be raffled off, and at half past ten the final will begin. It is estimated that at 12:30 pm they present their dishes to the jury. This contest is carried out thanks to the aforementioned brotherhood and also to the IES Valle de Aller Hospitality School.

The result of the contest will be made public in the form of three finalists at the end of the contest and the awards ceremony will be held within the framework of the celebrations of the XVI Great Chapter of the Brotherhood of Friends of the Turnips in the Foz de Morcín on Saturday, January 11, 2020.

The finalists are: Alba Donate González, Sofía Iglesias Castaño, Verónica Lorenzo Calvo, Adrián Castañón Villoria, Lina Jaramillo López, Gladys Ropero Blanco. On the other hand, the jury will consist of the gastronomic critic Eufrasio Sánchez, the director of the IES Valle de Aller Margarita Gandullo, the cook of El Cenador de Azul, David Díaz; and Esperanza del Fuego, a member of the San Martín Humanitarians.

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