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Rotterdam’s International Cider Festival: Become InCider

One more year, the Dutch cider fair promises to bring together the best of Europe.

This June 2nd, as every year, is celebrated in Rotterdam, Holland, the International Cider Festival, a celebration of the diversity of cider in Europe and a magnificent showcase to raise awareness of the most international and most up-to-date cider mills of the current cider scene.

The festival will take place at the Fenix ​​ Food Factory, situated in a very relaxed atmosphere, a bit industrial, where bakers, cheese mongers and beer brewers, work on the spot and where hundreds of foodies do their shopping, especially on a Saturday. There each producer will have their stand and they will be invited to attend a dinner with cider pairing with all the participants.

The organizers, Raul and Wouter, have been working hard since the last edition to make this a more complete representation of European ciders, both in number of participants and in the quality of ciders available for tasting. Notable among them are to be remarked such as Abavas, from Latvia, usual visitors to international fairs in Europe, as well as La Galotière, from Normandy, which surely will not leave anyone indifferent. The representative of Ireland will of course be Finnbarra, we will also have Hoxton Cidersmiths from London. Holland  as the host country, will bring the ciders by De Vergeten Appel (The Forgotten Apple), of whom we do not forget!

Of the Asturian ciders present, it is worth mentioning the ciders of Viuda de Angelón, which will offer its Brut, Brut Nature Prau Monga, 1947, pear cider and of course, its traditional cider and more representative of the traditional Asturian cider.

Como no podía ser de otra manera, una delegación de LA SIDRA acudirá al evento como en ediciones anteriores en representación de la cultura sidrera asturiana y del Salón Internacional de las Sidras de Gala (SISGA). Además de eso, como embajadores de la cultura sidrera internacional seremos los encargados de inaugurar el evento y de anunciar a los ganadores del concurso Oogappeltje (la manzana de mis ojos), un honor que agradecemos por adelantado. Este galardón cuenta con dos categorías: un Favorito del Festival (otorgado por la organización) y un Favorito del Público (por votación popular).

As it could not be otherwise, a delegation from LA SIDRA will attend the event as in previous editions on behalf of the Asturian cider culture and the International Hall of Gala Ciders (SISGA / IHGC). Besides that, as ambassadors of the international cider culture we will be in charge of opening the event and announcing the winners of the Oogappeltje (The apple of my eyes) contest, an honor that we thank in advance. This award has two categories: a Favorite of the Festival (awarded by the organization) and a Favorite of the Public (by popular vote).

See you there! Zie je daar!

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Anzu Fernándi
Anzu Fernández is the International Delegate of LA SIDRA and the Asturies XXI Foundation, apart of coordinator of the translations. He is the ambassador of the Asturian cider at the main international cider fairs, and manager of the international delegations of the International Hall of Gala Ciders (IHGC).

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