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Inauguration of the Multi-Purpose Cider House Room

The CIFP of Hospitality and Tourism of Asturies in Xixón today opens the space in which it is planned to offer the certificate of ‘Waiter in cider house’

LA SIDRA.- It is one of the most awaited openings in the world of cider and training for its service. The Integrated Center for Vocational Training in Hospitality and Tourism, located in Xixón, has been working for more than two and a half years on specific certifications of professionalism of ‘Waiter in cider house’ and ‘Master in Cider’. A complex process that must be approved by the SEPEPA, so the studies must be correctly planned and argued.

One of the requirements is to have an adequate space. For this reason, the center has been working on the adaptation of a ‘Cider House’ where students can learn everything related to the service of our most emblematic product, but also get knowledge about its history, culture, development, analysis , organoleptic qualities, etc.

“The training cycles of services in restoration, by law, establish that they have to have a specific space for the organoleptic analysis of the different types of drinks that tastings are studied. We already had a space in the school, but that was a bit underused by its design features. Practically only was used on Fridays, for the sale of products from the bakery-pastry cycle. On the other hand we had the theme of cider and tasting. Well, we put those three things in a cocktail shaker, we shake it and we talked with one the renowned interior designer and architect Mamen de la Concha and her daughter Carmen (architect), who have done excellent work in hotels, cider houses, among many other projects. We met and the idea loved it. I have to say that they were involved at all levels, completely, from the economic to the artistic. We are very grateful to them “, pointed out in February for the magazine LA SIDRA Juan Luis García, technician of FP in services of Restoration and head of Studies of the CIFP. Thus, with the inauguration of this classroom, a little more progress is made to achieve the sought-after certification, which, it is hoped, can begin to be offered as soon as possible.

* Photograph: a part of the classroom in the center, the teacher is Juan Luis García

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