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Cydr Smykan Grochówka
  • Cydr Smykan Grochówka
  • Cydr Smykan Grochówka
  • Cydr Smykan Grochówka

Cydr Smykan Grochówka

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Cydr Smykan Wyspowy

Region: Podkarpacie (Poland)

Year: 2015

Dryness: Dry

Alcohol content: 6.5%

Capacity: 750 ml


We find the characteristic taste of Smykan cider, a perfect complement to many Polish dishes, as well as a refreshing drink with a not very high level of acidity.

In light, straw-colored, somewhat opaque and frothy, created on the basis of certain varieties of apples collected in the Polish plantations, famous for the cultivation of many traditional varieties.

Smykan Cider was awarded a silver medal at the exhibition in Krakow in 2015.

This cider contains up to 6.5% alcohol, so you can successfully replace the traditional light wine served at lunch and dinner. Its slightly bitter taste stimulates the appetite, favoring at the same time, improving digestion. It is the perfect drink for a barbecue, meeting with friends or a night spent watching television.

Presented in 750 ml bottle and with 6.5% vol

Origin: Poland

Cider Mill: Cydr Smykan