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Xune Elipe on next LA SIDRA’s issue

LA SIDRA magazine will interview the lead singer from Dixebra due to the thirty year anniversary of the band and the cider brand they released for it.


LA SIDRA.- For sure the cider lovers and Dixebra fans already know that there was a cider brand the band released for their thirty year anniversary. And as it could not be otherwise, this media wanted to know about the relation of our traditional beverage with this Asturian band. Thus on next issue there will be an interview to Xune Elipe in which he speaks about cider and their anniversary. This is a small piece but there’s much more to come.


 “What we wanted to do is throw a little gift for all those people who have been supporting us all this years, musicians in our band or collaborators, lyric writers, promoters, journalists and close friends. There were only 500 bottles so they were quite exclusive”. Explained the singer, then he was asked about why cider and not other drink. “It’s logical given the culture we have here in Asturies. Other bands speak about beer or others but Dixebra has always had it clear. Actually the only love song we got is one to a cider bottle. Also another one “Nesti mundiu traidor”, about a poem of the XIX century by Pepín Quevedo which speaks about how in those times there was a vindication for cider culture. We recovered this poem because the lyric looked quite modern, like it had been written in the XXI century insted, and also to show how cider culture is still as alive as when Pepín wrote this. Cider is a token of identity, at the same level as language or Asturian bagpipe. I think these are the three tokens of identity of this country: Asturian language, bagpipe and cider.”

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