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We grow bigger and better

The impressive increase in the flow of visita to takes us to a process of general renewal to enhance our services.

LA SIDRA.- As the readers of could assess, this month there were some issues with our web site, being even unavailable for some days. The reason? The astonishing increase of visits that reached the top allowed by the broad band and overwhelmed the server we had. Thus we were forced -happily forced, we must admit- to get into a renewal process of our site to improve its performance and update it according to the times.

The first thing we changed was the hosting, hiring it with an Asturian company -according to our policies- that offers a better service and reliability. Apart of it we are currently working on a better design to allow us a bigger speed and development of the site itself.

Because of this in the following months there will be some improvements and why not some issues about the web actualization. We ask for some patience while we do thay. It’s the usual problem when you grow so much.

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