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V Home made Cider Contest made in Wood

For fifth consecutive year, in this VII FIrst Cider of the Year LA SIDRA oeganizes the Homemade Cider Contest.


THE CIDER.-  This contest is aimed for non professional cider makers using the traditional system of wooden cask so as to encourage the use of this material for cider elaboration.

The rush with which the wooden cask is being substitued by the stainless steel or fiber one in industrial cider mills is leading many non professional cider makers to choose this materials also leaving wood apart. This way means more work but has more character and specific organolepctic features we should not leave behind.



Each participant must bring 6 cider bottles to LA SIDRA, either in the office of Prendes Pando 11 or during the First Cider of the Year at the Museum of the Asturian Village from 24th to 27th of March. We will accept participations until 27th of March at 13 hours.

This home made cider contest is the only one of Asturian range, since the ones so far are limited to the council in which they are celebrated. Apart of it, in this case the Asturian range extends to the Asturian historical territory: current Asturies, Asturies of Santillana, the one of Tresmiera, Llébana and East of Lugo.

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