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Uviéu. Official toast with Spanish wine

The municipal corporation of Uviéu made the official toast this Martes de Campu with Spanish wine. Cider or Cangas wine, is too Asturian for them.

LA SIDRA.- We are tired of dennouncing over and over and over again how Asturian institutions despise cider and wine from Cangas by using Spanish wine in a public display of contempt- This time is the political aggrupation of Uviéu (PSOE, Podemos, IU, PP, C’s), when during the toast of Martes de Campu, turned to continue with the humiliating ritual of despising Asturian national beverage using Spanish wine, proper of the times of Franco, as appears in this picture from LNE.

It seems like the so called “new ways” of politics that some announced and promised turned to be identical to the usual ones once they reach the government, and the despise for what is Asturian, the Asturian people and Asturies itself, is a constant.

From LA SIDRA we denounce this situation again and we qualify as unexplainable and unjustifiable these behaviors and we remark what is evident: nor Asturian cider nor wine are any worse than Spanish wine and since the institutions are Asturian, they are supposed to use and support Asturian products. Then at a personal level, each one is free to have his picking of drinking wine, cider or coke.

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